Book Review: ObamaCare Survival Guide By Nick Tate

There are several reasons why a book like Nick Tate’s ObamaCare Survival Guide is getting heavy press online. “Obamacare” is a subject that will have quite an intense and overwhelming effect on the lives of a lot of Americans, most of whom continue to remain confused and unaware of it. Nick Tate’s book deals with this subject very clearly.

The subtitle of Tate’s book is “The Affordable Care Act …,” which pretty much explains what readers are about to read. The book is apparently his analysis of the 2,700 page legislation that he has obviously studied. He attempts to highlight both the pros and cons of the Obamacare.

Nonetheless, the book is a good resource guide to understand how American citizens will be affected by this legislation in 2014. According to him, the new law aims to take advantage of major purchasing exchanges in order to level the playing field and reduce costs. Apparently, this will make it more than possible to negotiate better prices from medical services providers and pharmaceuticals.

The theory is that the medical healthcare exchanges will lead to an increase in choices for consumers, consistency, significant economies of scale and standardization for processing transactions. Almost $500 billion dollars will be experienced by Medicare recipients in spending cuts and citizens who do not opt into the system will have to pay a penalty. The law has not set forth any co-payments for preventive services that are approved.

Tate explains that access to health will improve as a result of of this new healthcare reform for those millions of American citizens who are uninsured at the moment. Small business employees will probably benefit from this too since many of them are currently under- or uninsured. In the present decade, the cost of Obamacare has been projected to one trillion dollars (with millions going to this site). He estimates that nearly 85% of the cost of this bill will go into reducing the mass of the uninsured.

He also expresses concern over the details of the fact that too much discretion is being placed into the hands of Independent Payment Advisory Board. This means that a super majority vote will determine recommendations on the subject of cutting Medicare. Additionally, the discretion to assign members to the Board will be in the hands of the President. This idea of having a board has been subjected to criticism in his book, however, he does not recommend what can or should be done to improve the operation of the entity in practice.

This makes it seem that potential inequalities in terms of the functioning of the Board may only be cured by amending the legislation. For instance, the majority of representation of the Board should not be limited to just financial individuals like actuaries and accountants, but should also extend to physicians and insurance companies. Additionally, constituencies like AARP and mayors of cities should also have some representation. He clarifies that this is something that not only concerns him but also physicians who maintain control over how patients are diagnosed and treated.

The bottom line is that ObamaCare Survival Guide is quite a helpful guide for anyone who thinks they might fall ill any time soon. The contents of Tate’s book provide an explanation of how to navigate through the multitude of requirements that the new reform has set forth. The book also highlights areas of the law that need to be amended or clarified. Despite a few other topics that could have been discussed and several questions that remain unanswered, this book is a useful reference.

Note: In many other countries, like Australia, basic health insurance is universal. In fact the type of insurance plans many Australians concern themselves with are funeral insurance, trauma cover, life insurance, and other similarly specific plans. There are even funeral insurance comparison sites that help Australians get informed and avoid the aggressive tactics insurance companies use to get them to sign up for it. It would have been nice if such insurance plans were our main concern too instead of basic health insurance.

How to Get a Good Blog for GTA V Cheats Ready

Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the hottest games in the world thanks to its incredibly interactive sense of game-play and the ways how people can blaze their own paths throughout the entire game. However, it is also a game that can be very challenging for anyone to play. That’s because the game entails loads of information and strategies on how to play that make it so no two games of GTA V are ever going to be alike.

The challenge of playing the game can also be tough as well. That’s why there are many different GTA V cheats out there. These will provide people with great ideas on what they can do in order to get far on this particular game.

This relates to blogging in that many people are creating all sorts of GTA V cheat blogs. These blogs will list all sorts of information on how to use cheats in the game to one’s advantage. They have proven themselves over time to be good resources with regards to information on how to play the game the right way.

These are great blogs that are worth exploring but it is typically best to take a look at a few pointers on how to get a good blog ready on your own. It is not all that hard to do if you are aware of how to make it all work.

Look at Sections

You might be amazed at the ways how different people will pull off GTA V cheat blogs. For instance, if you went to to find cheats for GTA 5 then you might find all sorts of cheats of use without having to go from one part to the next. That’s because everything is arranged in their own sections.

If you can create individual sections on your own GTA V blog then you will certainly get more people to find the cheats that they want without wasting any time in the process. It makes the process of finding things rather easy to do without being overly complicated or hard to use.

Plan Your Release of Data

If you can gradually release new information on GTA V cheats on a regular basis then you will certainly get more views. That’s because people will come back regularly to learn more about the specific cheats that you want to highlight. They will want to learn about everything that comes with a game so you will be more likely to actually have people show up on a regular basis to your site.

This is especially important these days as more cheats are coming by all the time. This information is always coming out as more people discover new ways to play this game. Staying as up to date on this as possible is always the best thing to do when getting such a blog ready.

Be More Specific

If you are more specific with the particular types of cheats that you post then people will want to read your blog. For instance, you can specifically write about stunt locations and how to get different people in your heist crew to work together. You might be impressed at how there are so many different choices for you to use when making your blog posts more specific.

Don’t forget to also put that specific information into individual sections on your blog. This can give all readers easy to find spaces where your work can be found in.

Your blog for GTA V cheats should be designed carefully with only the right ideas for making it work. You can really get such a blog to look its best and become more popular if you see how you can get it all in the right way.

The Top Binary Options Trading Platforms to Choose From

Photo by opportplanet and reproduced under Creative Commons

There is the traditional method of trading and there is the binary options trading. As opposed to the traditional approach, binary options trading provided traders with unlimited opportunities to increase and maximize their potential earnings. This is the reason why so many people are fascinated by this trading option.

Although relatively new in the financial market, binary options trading have been catapulted into popularity. In fact, binary options are today’s hottest financial marketing trading option. Why is that? Let us delve into the benefits and advantages brought about by investing in binary options.

Quick, substantial, and simple

This is financial market and the objective of every trader is to earn. Binary options trading enable a trader to get as high a pay-out as 81% of his investment. Traders from other options may claim that it is way too small given that they can earn as much 400%. However, if we should look at this pay-out in the light of the length the contract.

In binary options, trades are done in short span of time. Trades can be as quick as 60 seconds, one day, or one week.  This allows for more trading opportunities in a given time period.  A huge pay-out earned in such as small amount of time is unheard of from other options.

Moreover, trading binary options have been greatly improved to allow simplicity. This resulted to binary options being the most opted trading options by many newbies in the financial marketing world.

Choosing the trading platform

There are so many binary options trading platforms available in online today. Traders, especially newbies, need to be very careful in assessing the online trading platform provider before getting into trading. This is because there are so many fake platforms provider that victimizes unsuspecting clients.

24Options and AnyOption are two of the best, most popular, and most sought after online trading platform provider today. They are known to provide professional, user-friendly, and information packed platforms that allows access to different tools like daily market analysis. All the necessary tools are displayed conspicuously for easy access.

Services provided by these two platforms provider are perfect for newbies as they include webinars or online seminars in their package to educate their clients and equip them with the necessary knowledge they would need to have during trades.

While binary options are great and safe trading options, one needs to be very careful not to fall into the hands of scam trading platforms. That is why it is essential for any trader to ensure that their platform provider is legit and reliable. Click here to find out more about AnyOption Australia.

Best Dog Grooming Book

I’m ready for a change of career, believe it or not after reading a book on dog grooming.  Being a lover of animals, dogs in particular, I have three of my own. I found this book very hard to put down. I loved reading about all the breeds of dogs, their different personalities and behaviors when it came to being groomed. It captured their individuality perfectly, so perfect in fact, you almost got lost in believing they were actually human.

Obviously the chapter, “How to become a Dog Groomer”, got me rethinking my chosen profession.   Playing with cute dogs all day long as your profession definitely has its advantages.

I have a love of dogs, so that’s a great start, along with a strong work ethic. I am also reasonably fit and healthy, as the chapter explains you need to be.  Imagine all day long, you are on your feet bending and moving, you would need to have a lot of energy for this.  You will be chasing after the dogs that don’t love their trip to the groomer and try to make a runner.

Some dogs love the experience, others not so much.  You need a strong willingness to learn the skills that go along with becoming a Dog Groomer.  Aside from what most people would believe is needed, its actually a highly trained position with a lot of skill involved.  You also need to be a people person and be able to interact with not only the dogs, but also their human owners. The owners love their dogs very much and expect the very best for their dog.  A surprise skill you need is not to be too squeamish, as all day long you will also be dealing with everything a dog can produce…try you can imagine what!   Raising children definitely puts me in a position to deal with that.

“What topics are taught in Dog Grooming School” got me thinking about the next step.  In particular was dog nail clipping. I actually have a friend who is a certified nail technician, so it was interesting for me to read up on this skill that is also used on dogs. Now I can’t imagine too many dogs that love having a human with a sharp object, coming at them. So I can really understand the technique that is required to complete this job.

Amazingly rubbing your dogs’ ears could help relax their anxieties while they are groomed and clipped.  Also the person performing the clippings must stay calm, as dogs have a perfect sense and will be able to fell if you are nervous.  Which in turn will increase their anxiety.  Also rewarding your beloved pet with a treat, after they have had this slightly, scary procedure done will remain in your dogs’ memory. This will increase the success rate of clipping your dogs nails the next time round.

On completion of reading this book, I immediately took my three beloved pets for their own grooming session, with a renewed view on their groomers. I’m still thinking about taking it up as a profession, may be I will start practicing at home.

Book picks for people interested in teeth whitening

Yellowing of teeth is an issue that affects the self esteem of individuals. It is common for people to look for information on how they can whiten their teeth. Apart from articles on the internet, there are various books which have been published through research that can be used to help gain the right information on whiter teeth. From natural cures, to simple cures that one can embark on at home, the books are in plenty. Even when one is considering a dentist procedure, the books help to show which procedures are most effective and which might cause more damage.

1. The Teeth Whitening Cure by Lester Sawicki. This book focuses on the various procedures available for the dentist. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each procedure, and the various tooth pastes in the market. In addition, she highlights the various ways that you can care for your newly whitened teeth to ensure that they remain strong and less sensitive. There is advice for dentists on the various issues to look for when electing a procedure for a patient.

2. Teeth Whitening Secrets: by Susan Hopgood. This is a book that is best for amateurs, that is individuals who only possesses basic knowledge on teeth whitening or even no knowledge at all. It is set with easy language describing the procedures as easily as possible. In addition it includes various symptoms which the individual can apply to choose and elect the best procedure for the whitening. The book includes all simple and highly advertised whitening procedures including teeth whitening chewing gums and tooth pastes.

3. Dentistry Consumers Guide. Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth Whitening, Bleeching, Bonding, Veneers, Dental Insurance and Cracked Teeth By Gregory A Page. This is a book written by famous dentist specialist and cosmetic dental surgeon. This book specializes on reviewing the various procedures available for whitening of teeth. The book shows the strength and advantages of the different procedures that are available in the market. He continues to provide advice on which procedures are most suitable and work best on the different clients. The book is ideal because it focuses on the results that have been researched and even goes further to show how products such as toothpastes have improved in the past decade.

4. The Naked Tooth By Colleen Olitsky. This is an excellent book for cosmetic dentist patients. Patients are often having difficulty electing the right procedure, and they often have to rely on dentists to help choose the best procedure. Unfortunately the dentists are more focused on ensuring a profit in their clinics, and may therefore elect unnecessary procedures that are costly to the patient. This book highlights some of the secrets that you need to know, when choosing a procedure, including effective whitening toothpastes when choosing a procedure.

5. The Billion Dollar Smile By Bill Dorfman. This is one of the most sought after teeth whitening books. Perhaps this is because the author, , is a celebrity doctor sought by many high ranking personalities. He discusses some of the most unique dentist procedures, some of which you can begin at home such as the use of effective whitening tooth pastes reviewed in the book and take care of the minor yellowing of the teeth. The techniques applied here assure not just whiter but healthier teeth.

Above are 5 most popular books available on Amazon on the topics of teeth whitening. If book reading is not your thing, we recommend you checkout the information here. There are lots of good posts with videos and images on how to whiten your teeth.

Ask a Nerd!

Since I am well-known amongst my peers as being something of an Internet junkie, I am frequently asked to provide information to my friends about various things. It isn’t that they are incapable of finding out what they need to know, nor is it that they are lazy or want to take advantage of me. Instead, it is simply because I love information and actually enjoy doing research on just about any subject.

Recently, a friend of mine who is thinking of spending a year in Australia asked me to find out what I could about the different job opportunities that might be available to him. He has a college degree but no formal experience or training for anything other than an office job. However, he is not looking to establish a residence in Australia-he just wants to be able to work and earn some money while he is there.

He almost made this sound like a challenge to me. You know, one of those “I bet you can’t…” scenarios. He really did not think I would be able to give him any truly useful information! Apparently he doesn’t know me as well as he thinks he does!

There are actually many different job opportunities in Australia for people with no experience or even college degrees. It is simply a matter of not being picky and of being willing to do some of the jobs that no one else wants to do!

For someone like my friend who is only going to be in the country for a predetermined length of time, I focused my search on jobs that could be considered temporary. For example, he could find work in the following areas:

  • Hospitality-while being a waiter might generate the most income in terms of tips, there are many other jobs like housekeeping, maintenance, and janitorial services.
  • Tourism-Australia depends on tourism for a significant portion of their revenue, so there are nearly always jobs available in places where tourist congregate. From working in a gift shop to providing a taxi service, the choices are endless.
  • Construction work-As the global economy improves, there is more construction work going on than there has been in years. From building new offices to refurbishing homes, there are a variety of jobs for unskilled laborers.

One of the best websites I came across while researching jobs for my friend and the safety course he would need (white card) was It provided a plethora of information about the construction industry and the training people might need to perform different jobs.

I find it very interesting that there is actually a certification that anyone working on a construction site needs in order to get a job. In fact, in some cases everyone who even walks onto a construction site has to have this certification! It is called a white card, and you have to take a course (either online or in person) and pass a test to receive the card!

Although I am not sure what my friend will decide when it comes to choosing a job while he is in Australia, I am confident that I was able to provide him with a lot of useful information. That, and the fact that I met (and exceeded!) his challenge, serve to make me a very happy nerd today.

My Recommended Readings On Home Remedies For Common Health Issues

It’s my ‘book club’ time again. In this article, I’d like to recommend a few books on home remedy. Home remedy is a topic that I am very interested in at the moment. I always wanted to learn about natural ways to cure illness and the books listed below give me a pretty good idea of how home remedy works. Let’s take a look.

First of all, home remedies, in my definition, are some of the things you can easily make at home and use to great effect. There are so many topics in home remedy and it’s not realistic to list out all the books. I’d like to share topics I am currently interested in. One of the topics I’m interested in is making my own toothpaste and I am currently suffering from yellow tooth. I want to find ways to whiten my teeth without going to the dentist for expansive whitening treatment. This i why I have spent a lot of time researching books on teeth whitening. Below are five books I recommended. Most of the books below can be found on Amazon and available in e-book format.

1) The at Home Professional Guide to tooth Whitening by Dr. Inserto. This book goes through the steps you need to perform to achieve optimal tooth whitening at home. Make sure to get the guide to take advantage of the multiple ways you can get a cleaner brighter smile.

2) Naturally Dazzling: At-Home Teeth Whitening Secrets For An Amazing Smile by Jessalyn Cullen. This is great book on ways to find a whiter and brighter smile. This book is available on Amazon, focusing on helping readers fight against yellow teeth.

3) How to Whiten Teeth Now by Dr. William Gray. This is an easy DIY teeth whitening guide which gives individuals ways to whiten their teeth from home without spending lots of money on paid tooth whitening remedies.

4) Teeth Whitening: How To Whiten Teeth Easily by Monica Harper. This is another book to help individuals whiten teeth at home.

5)Teeth Whitening 101 – Your ultimate guide to white teeth by Monica Middleton. This is a short book but it only costs $0.99 at the moment. I’m sure you can find some valuable information in it.

Using home remedies to whiten teeth is a great, but what if you want to learn more about home remedies? Of course there are many more books covering just about every health topics imaginable. Below are couple of my favorite books. Let’s take a look.

1)The Home Health Aide Textbook: Home Care Principles by Jane C John-Nwankw. This is a highly recommended introduction book to home remedies.

2) The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods: Proven Natural Remedies to Treat and Prevent More Than 80 Common Health Concerns By Dr. James A. Duke. This is a book covering all aspects of natural and home remedies for minor illnesses. With 80 different common health conditions in the book, you can proabably find a home remedy that can help you.

The above two guides should be a good starting point for anyone interested in home remedies. I would like to remind you that there is no substitute for seeing a doctor. When illnesses persist it is important to see a medical professional. Get the healing you need by seeing a physician when you need one, but the above guides should certainly help with minor illnesses.