5 Best e-Book Reader Apps for Android

E-book readers are available for people who enjoy downloading and reading novels, works of fiction or non-fiction material. Individuals can purchase an e-book reader in order to read an electronic book. They can also download an e-book reader app for their android devices. Consumers with an Android tablet or smartphone can download an e-book reader app for their device that will allow them to read their favourite materials from different e-book distributors.

Kindle App

Kindle is one of the biggest e-book sellers on the market. This organization has its own line of Kindle e-Readers and it is also supported by Amazon. Kindle also has its own downloadable app that people can use to add to their own tablets for reading Kindle publications. Once a person downloads the app they can read free e-book, sample books, borrow books from the library and sample e-book before they buy. They can even customize their reading by altering the size of the font, their screen for brightness, changing background colour and adjusting the orientation of the material. The Kindle app is available for free in the Android market.

Google Play Books

The Google Play Book app allows Android device owners to read materials that are available from this e-book distributor. Once the app is downloaded users will have access to offline materials, elegant 3D page turns and they can write down notes for the material that they are reading. The app allows users to highlight text, bookmark pages and to sync reading material across their phones, tablets and computers. Users can alter their reading modes by changing their reading mode and they can upload EPUB or PDF files to their collection. This app also has a text-to-speech feature that allows readers to listen to some materials as opposed to just hearing them. Users can also rent or purchase textbooks with this app. The Google Play Book app is free.


Nook is another highly rated e-book publisher that offers over 1 million titles. They provide users with samples and free e-book and they allow people to have access to magazines and newspapers. This app features an app dictionary that allows users to look up words inside of a particular title. Users can also add notes, read in different modes such as portrait or landscape. They can also change and alter the background of their material and read materials over their own photos or a pre-selected background. The Nook app even features an up close panel mode for comic books so that people can read each individual panel of the comic. Users can can purchase this app free from the Nook store, or download it as an APK file and manually install from http://www.apkfreedownload.org/

Aldiko Book Reader

The Aldiko Book Reader was created by Aldiko Limited and its an e-book reader app that serves millions of people from around the world. Readers can view EPUB, PDF formats as well as Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. The app allows users to make adjustments for size, font types and background colours, alignment, line spacing and brightness. Users can even read in areas with dim light because of the night-time reading mode. Users can even use a global-text feature to search for books from different parts of the world. Aldiko Book Reader is free for use from Kobo.


Kobo is an e-book reader that is free from Android and it allows users to read in a variety of different languages. Users can create a social experience with Reading Life when they can track how long it takes for them to read a book and even earn awards with other users. Facebook integration is also available from this app for a social experience. Text and background pics can be edited and people can even use Kobo to share ideas to figure out what others are reading with Kobo Pulse. The app allows content such as newspapers articles, comics and magazines and users can add titles from their email, from the internet or their DropBox account.