Ask a Nerd!

Since I am well-known amongst my peers as being something of an Internet junkie, I am frequently asked to provide information to my friends about various things. It isn’t that they are incapable of finding out what they need to know, nor is it that they are lazy or want to take advantage of me. Instead, it is simply because I love information and actually enjoy doing research on just about any subject.

Recently, a friend of mine who is thinking of spending a year in Australia asked me to find out what I could about the different job opportunities that might be available to him. He has a college degree but no formal experience or training for anything other than an office job. However, he is not looking to establish a residence in Australia-he just wants to be able to work and earn some money while he is there.

He almost made this sound like a challenge to me. You know, one of those “I bet you can’t…” scenarios. He really did not think I would be able to give him any truly useful information! Apparently he doesn’t know me as well as he thinks he does!

There are actually many different job opportunities in Australia for people with no experience or even college degrees. It is simply a matter of not being picky and of being willing to do some of the jobs that no one else wants to do!

For someone like my friend who is only going to be in the country for a predetermined length of time, I focused my search on jobs that could be considered temporary. For example, he could find work in the following areas:

  • Hospitality-while being a waiter might generate the most income in terms of tips, there are many other jobs like housekeeping, maintenance, and janitorial services.
  • Tourism-Australia depends on tourism for a significant portion of their revenue, so there are nearly always jobs available in places where tourist congregate. From working in a gift shop to providing a taxi service, the choices are endless.
  • Construction work-As the global economy improves, there is more construction work going on than there has been in years. From building new offices to refurbishing homes, there are a variety of jobs for unskilled laborers.

One of the best websites I came across while researching jobs for my friend and the safety course he would need (white card) was It provided a plethora of information about the construction industry and the training people might need to perform different jobs.

I find it very interesting that there is actually a certification that anyone working on a construction site needs in order to get a job. In fact, in some cases everyone who even walks onto a construction site has to have this certification! It is called a white card, and you have to take a course (either online or in person) and pass a test to receive the card!

Although I am not sure what my friend will decide when it comes to choosing a job while he is in Australia, I am confident that I was able to provide him with a lot of useful information. That, and the fact that I met (and exceeded!) his challenge, serve to make me a very happy nerd today.