Best Dog Grooming Book

I’m ready for a change of career, believe it or not after reading a book on dog grooming.  Being a lover of animals, dogs in particular, I have three of my own. I found this book very hard to put down. I loved reading about all the breeds of dogs, their different personalities and behaviors when it came to being groomed. It captured their individuality perfectly, so perfect in fact, you almost got lost in believing they were actually human.

Obviously the chapter, “How to become a Dog Groomer”, got me rethinking my chosen profession.   Playing with cute dogs all day long as your profession definitely has its advantages.

I have a love of dogs, so that’s a great start, along with a strong work ethic. I am also reasonably fit and healthy, as the chapter explains you need to be.  Imagine all day long, you are on your feet bending and moving, you would need to have a lot of energy for this.  You will be chasing after the dogs that don’t love their trip to the groomer and try to make a runner.

Some dogs love the experience, others not so much.  You need a strong willingness to learn the skills that go along with becoming a Dog Groomer.  Aside from what most people would believe is needed, its actually a highly trained position with a lot of skill involved.  You also need to be a people person and be able to interact with not only the dogs, but also their human owners. The owners love their dogs very much and expect the very best for their dog.  A surprise skill you need is not to be too squeamish, as all day long you will also be dealing with everything a dog can produce…try you can imagine what!   Raising children definitely puts me in a position to deal with that.

“What topics are taught in Dog Grooming School” got me thinking about the next step.  In particular was dog nail clipping. I actually have a friend who is a certified nail technician, so it was interesting for me to read up on this skill that is also used on dogs. Now I can’t imagine too many dogs that love having a human with a sharp object, coming at them. So I can really understand the technique that is required to complete this job.

Amazingly rubbing your dogs’ ears could help relax their anxieties while they are groomed and clipped.  Also the person performing the clippings must stay calm, as dogs have a perfect sense and will be able to fell if you are nervous.  Which in turn will increase their anxiety.  Also rewarding your beloved pet with a treat, after they have had this slightly, scary procedure done will remain in your dogs’ memory. This will increase the success rate of clipping your dogs nails the next time round.

On completion of reading this book, I immediately took my three beloved pets for their own grooming session, with a renewed view on their groomers. I’m still thinking about taking it up as a profession, may be I will start practicing at home.