Best Nursing Book To Study


It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s because for the past few weeks I have only been been reading one book, “The Fundamentals of Nursing” by Patricia A. Potter. Now this isn’t the type of book that I generally review, but I have been known to talk about books that I read for educational purposes (or really any material that I read for any purpose!).

I’m actually currently studying to take one of my nursing exams, and have been doing as much last minute cramming as possible. This is a book that I actually have from one of my early days in schooling, but it’s always been very helpful to me to review as I prepare for tests. Much like the “For Dummies” books, it explains things in a very easy to understand way. The author assumes that her audience is a bunch of amateurs who know very little about the subject matter.

In the beginning chapters you may feel like you are back in high school with how basic the concepts are and how they are presented, but as you progress into later chapters you may find yourself lost and confused with how quickly simple terms and ideas turned complex. Still if you keep up, and reread pages as necessary if you catch yourself “tuning out,” you will learn (or remember) a ton of information and definitions of various nursing terminology.

While I often speak very highly of this book, I do not wish to give an inaccurate representation. This book is RIDICULOUSLY BORING. I would not read it if I wasn’t preparing for an exam. Its not the type of educational literature that you can pick up and just read because its interesting to learn about. I am a very focused individual, and I have a very long attention span, but even I have to take a break from this book every hour or so to preserve my sanity.

I would unquestionably recommend this book to anyone studying/cramming for a nursing exam as it fulfills its purpose and is a great piece of study material. All others should read almost anything else. (Not that you need to be told as I guarantee that would be your initial reaction to this book too if you were to happen upon it)

I have just under a week until I can actually take the exam. I’ve been looking for any type of online practice test that I can find to help prepare me. Although this is far from my favorite book, I have found it very useful in preparing  for the nursing exam when using it in conjunction with a local online nursing program study course. My colleagues who recommended the course to me said that using this book and completing the course made passing the certification exam a piece of cake. I’m hoping that the same is true for me. If I do end up failing the test for any reason, it won’t be for lack of studying. I’m trying to hold out these last few days and the thought of easier reading in my near future is all that is keeping me going.