Best Place to Read a Novel is on a Comfortable Mattress

Reading a book, especially a novel, is an immersive experience that literally takes the reader to a whole different dimension where they can live another life full of its own quirks and details. As an avid novel reader, I will be the first to admit that the surroundings play a crucial role in the level of immersion one can reach while reading a book.

Tips for great reading
Here are some tips to make your novel reading experience a thoroughly enjoyable and captivating experience:

  • Get comfortable.

It is quite possible to read a book while travelling in a bus or an airplane – but it is nowhere near as enjoyable as reading the same book while casually resting on your bed with its comfortable mattress, plenty of pillows and, most importantly, lack of small bumps that make it so difficult to focus on the sentences. Besides this, reading on hard furniture such as a chair or a bench is also an unpleasant experience that takes away much of the immersion factor.

  • Let there be light.

It is quite impossible to read in a continuous and trouble free manner in dim light. Of course, some of the most hardcore novel fans will attempt to painstakingly pursue their hobby even when there is little light available – it will be a far from ideal experience filled with squinting and misreading words. This is the reason why your favorite reading corner needs to be adequately lit so that you can go through your novel effortlessly and contiguously.

The choice of lighting – natural or artificial – is entirely dependent on the individual’s personal taste. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the cold glares cast by fluorescent overhead lamps, you can go for warmer diffused lighting sources and, in the daytime, nothing beats a shaft of sunlight entering through a window and illuminating the room.

  • Keep the noise down.

External noise is one of the biggest impediments in tasks that require concentration and reading a novel is definitely such a task. Think of it this way – you are totally absorbed in a fantasy novel where the author is painting a picturesque view of a valley and it feels like you’re almost there, walking beside the characters – and suddenly, you are uncourteously brought back to the real world by loud music from your neighbors. This will be a most frustrating experience for a fan of novels and it is made worse by the fact that once the sound interrupts you once, there is no way you will be able to get back to your book. It is, therefore, advisable to pick a secluded corner of your house, preferably with thick walls and as little interference as possible for pursuing your reading hobby. You won’t be bothering anyone and no one will be bothering you.

Last words
It is my own experience, as a dedicated novel reader, that the best way to enjoy your hobby is to have a separate room in your house where you can read at leisure times. I got a quality, affordable mattress, after reading about some good ones at, to go in my private reading room.