Book picks for people interested in teeth whitening

Yellowing of teeth is an issue that affects the self esteem of individuals. It is common for people to look for information on how they can whiten their teeth. Apart from articles on the internet, there are various books which have been published through research that can be used to help gain the right information on whiter teeth. From natural cures, to simple cures that one can embark on at home, the books are in plenty. Even when one is considering a dentist procedure, the books help to show which procedures are most effective and which might cause more damage.

1. The Teeth Whitening Cure by Lester Sawicki. This book focuses on the various procedures available for the dentist. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each procedure, and the various tooth pastes in the market. In addition, she highlights the various ways that you can care for your newly whitened teeth to ensure that they remain strong and less sensitive. There is advice for dentists on the various issues to look for when electing a procedure for a patient.

2. Teeth Whitening Secrets: by Susan Hopgood. This is a book that is best for amateurs, that is individuals who only possesses basic knowledge on teeth whitening or even no knowledge at all. It is set with easy language describing the procedures as easily as possible. In addition it includes various symptoms which the individual can apply to choose and elect the best procedure for the whitening. The book includes all simple and highly advertised whitening procedures including teeth whitening chewing gums and tooth pastes.

3. Dentistry Consumers Guide. Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth Whitening, Bleeching, Bonding, Veneers, Dental Insurance and Cracked Teeth By Gregory A Page. This is a book written by famous dentist specialist and cosmetic dental surgeon. This book specializes on reviewing the various procedures available for whitening of teeth. The book shows the strength and advantages of the different procedures that are available in the market. He continues to provide advice on which procedures are most suitable and work best on the different clients. The book is ideal because it focuses on the results that have been researched and even goes further to show how products such as toothpastes have improved in the past decade.

4. The Naked Tooth By Colleen Olitsky. This is an excellent book for cosmetic dentist patients. Patients are often having difficulty electing the right procedure, and they often have to rely on dentists to help choose the best procedure. Unfortunately the dentists are more focused on ensuring a profit in their clinics, and may therefore elect unnecessary procedures that are costly to the patient. This book highlights some of the secrets that you need to know, when choosing a procedure, including effective whitening toothpastes when choosing a procedure.

5. The Billion Dollar Smile By Bill Dorfman. This is one of the most sought after teeth whitening books. Perhaps this is because the author, , is a celebrity doctor sought by many high ranking personalities. He discusses some of the most unique dentist procedures, some of which you can begin at home such as the use of effective whitening tooth pastes reviewed in the book and take care of the minor yellowing of the teeth. The techniques applied here assure not just whiter but healthier teeth.

Above are 5 most popular books available on Amazon on the topics of teeth whitening. If book reading is not your thing, we recommend you checkout the information here. There are lots of good posts with videos and images on how to whiten your teeth.