How the Internet Influences Aspiring Writers

Reading, as you already know, is one of my favorite things to do in this world and writing is my passion, and I try to do both as often as the constrains of everyday life allow me to do. Aside from running this blog and reading just about anything I can get my hands on, like a good bookworm, I’m also working on a novel of my own. It is a just a rough sketch for now, but hopefully, I will finish it someday.

But, today is not just about me and my blog. One of my fellow bloggers and a personal friend has decided to turn her passion of writing into a screenplay. She struggled to find the right format for her writing and after a series of conversations we had she decided that it would be best if she were to turn her work into a screenplay, given her style of writing. Seeing as she had a lot material, much more than it could fit inside a single movie, she went on and wrote a screenplay for a TV show. She also wrote the screen for the pilot, as well.

Medical Research Online

Ever since I’ve known her, she has been a complete nut for medical dramas. E.R. and Chicago Hope, needless to say, are her favorites and she is also into Nurse Jackie, Scrubs and Nip/Tuck, even though they only use medicine as a backdrop to tell all different kinds of stories. Her show would be more character-driven, as opposed to being all about medicine, since it features a story of a young nurse making her way through life and eventually becoming a doctor.

Since she didn’t have many friends that were medical professionals, she turned to the web for a lot of her research. There are a wide range of medical sites online covering all sorts of subjects from medical career salary sites to medical assistant salary guides. You can really get stuck into some serious medical research using some great websites – of course nothing beats actually talking to medical professionals. Through some of these sites she was able to make contact and actually interviewed a couple of the owners to get some firsthand knowledge. She figured out the rest herself, filling in the blanks using her writers prerogative!

I’ve had the pleasure or reading the first draft of the script. If she actually succeeds in pitching her script and turns it into a TV show, I can guarantee the viewers will be very intrigued with her unusual take on the subject that has been done over a million times. I cannot reveal more, although I really want to, since the writing is so strong.

I used my friend’s example to illustrate how you can use the internet to find information on just about anything. It is exceptionally useful for my fellow writers to earn a living and to try and expand their writing. With the multitude of information available on just about anything, you can pretty much write about anything, even though you haven’t experienced it first-hand or heard it in detail from someone else.

Of course, it is entirely up to the writer to fire up the imagination of the reader and there is no way of getting around that. But, having the right information to start with is an essential step and having the internet guide you through some of those steps makes is it so much easier. I remember the days before the web, research was so much more time consuming. You kids have it easy!