Left for Dead Review

Imagine being attacked while you are walking to work and minding your own business. This sounds like something from a movie, but unfortunately this happened to Samantha Barlow when she was on her way to work at the police department as an active police officer. Barlow was attacked randomly and was left for dead in the local park by her attackers, who had beaten her with a brick. This attack could never be understood by Barlow or her family members as she had no grudges or enemies.

Barlow suffered severe physical trauma as well as head trauma injuries. Her husband and children had to watch their mother fight for her life and try to fight through the therapy and counselling. This traumatic experienced lasted 22 months, where Barlow needed to learn to do many things all over again and start her life from scratch living with that death-defying experience in the back of her mind constantly.

Barlow went back to work and pushed herself to become the police officer that she was before the brutal attack. She decided that she did not want to lose everything because of some random attack, she wanted to prove to herself and the world that she could still be the officer that she was and had always been. Samantha pushed herself and made sure that she was not going to be a victim but rather a police officer like any other police officer.

Barlow had always wanted to be a police officer and believed that becoming a police officer was the best thing in the world. Not only were you giving back to your community but you are also making sure that the community is a better place for your children and family. Samantha did not know any other career besides the police force, and could not see herself working anywhere else. This proves that the police force is not a terrible career and that the policemen and women feel that they are all a family and have lots to offer each other.

The police force might be a difficult and tiring career but in the end you are part of the family and you know that you will be taken care of till the end. Samantha Barlow suffered severe post stress disorder but she was paid off as she was medically boarded, and she was still considered a member of the police academy. Samantha is welcome regularly at the police department and is considered a hero to many of the community members as well as the public.

The main point of this book review is not to show that Samantha Barlow was medically boarded, but to show that she pushed herself to go back to her police force and work for that amount of time because she loved her career so much that she could not stay away from it. She had another family with the police force and felt that she could not stay at home and abandon a career that she had decided on when she was six years old.