My Recommended Readings On Home Remedies For Common Health Issues

It’s my ‘book club’ time again. In this article, I’d like to recommend a few books on home remedy. Home remedy is a topic that I am very interested in at the moment. I always wanted to learn about natural ways to cure illness and the books listed below give me a pretty good idea of how home remedy works. Let’s take a look.

First of all, home remedies, in my definition, are some of the things you can easily make at home and use to great effect. There are so many topics in home remedy and it’s not realistic to list out all the books. I’d like to share topics I am currently interested in. One of the topics I’m interested in is making my own toothpaste and I am currently suffering from yellow tooth. I want to find ways to whiten my teeth without going to the dentist for expansive whitening treatment. This i why I have spent a lot of time researching books on teeth whitening. Below are five books I recommended. Most of the books below can be found on Amazon and available in e-book format.

1) The at Home Professional Guide to tooth Whitening by Dr. Inserto. This book goes through the steps you need to perform to achieve optimal tooth whitening at home. Make sure to get the guide to take advantage of the multiple ways you can get a cleaner brighter smile.

2) Naturally Dazzling: At-Home Teeth Whitening Secrets For An Amazing Smile by Jessalyn Cullen. This is great book on ways to find a whiter and brighter smile. This book is available on Amazon, focusing on helping readers fight against yellow teeth.

3) How to Whiten Teeth Now by Dr. William Gray. This is an easy DIY teeth whitening guide which gives individuals ways to whiten their teeth from home without spending lots of money on paid tooth whitening remedies.

4) Teeth Whitening: How To Whiten Teeth Easily by Monica Harper. This is another book to help individuals whiten teeth at home.

5)Teeth Whitening 101 – Your ultimate guide to white teeth by Monica Middleton. This is a short book but it only costs $0.99 at the moment. I’m sure you can find some valuable information in it.

Using home remedies to whiten teeth is a great, but what if you want to learn more about home remedies? Of course there are many more books covering just about every health topics imaginable. Below are couple of my favorite books. Let’s take a look.

1)The Home Health Aide Textbook: Home Care Principles by Jane C John-Nwankw. This is a highly recommended introduction book to home remedies.

2) The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods: Proven Natural Remedies to Treat and Prevent More Than 80 Common Health Concerns By Dr. James A. Duke. This is a book covering all aspects of natural and home remedies for minor illnesses. With 80 different common health conditions in the book, you can proabably find a home remedy that can help you.

The above two guides should be a good starting point for anyone interested in home remedies. I would like to remind you that there is no substitute for seeing a doctor. When illnesses persist it is important to see a medical professional. Get the healing you need by seeing a physician when you need one, but the above guides should certainly help with minor illnesses.