The Lawn Mower Judge Wins First Place!

As you know, I spend a lot of my time reading, both print and online material. What you might not know about me yet is that I am also an avid gardener and also spend a lot of time working outside in both my yard and my garden. The smells of spring and the feeling of the fresh, cool dirt is intoxicating to me and I can hardly wait to be able to start working outside!

Like most self-ascribed nerds, I very rarely do anything without consulting a variety of different sources to make sure I am doing it right. For example, when I first purchased this bit of land and wanted to turn it from a weed-infested pasture into a lovely lawn, I read book after book after online article to get as much information as possible before starting such a massive project.

The best book I found by far (and the only one I actually purchased, as I usually just use my library card!) was one called Scotts Lawns: Your Guide to a Beautiful Yard. I found it on Amazon for a great price, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny I spent on it. I still consult it regularly for all of my general lawn care questions. Really, I can’t recommend it enough.

Once I got my lawn established, I noticed that my old lawnmower just wasn’t doing a very good job anymore. It could be because I inherited it from my parents and remember mowing our lawn with it when I was a child! Really, it is that old. I have babied it and change the oil and spark plugs every year, but it just doesn’t work as efficiently as I would like it to.

This year, it looks like I am in the market for a new lawnmower. I started researching the different options last fall, thinking it would be a simple matter of walking into a garden store and picking up the first model I liked. Not so, my friends, not so. Do you have any idea how many different models of lawn mowers there are out there? I didn’t either.

Enter my new favorite website, I ran across this particular one just like I run across most of the new blogs I read-by conducting a search, clicking on a particular article and following links. Which is really just a better way of saying I stumbled across it by accident!

At any rate, this particular site has it all. There are reviews of every possible type of lawn mower, from the old-style push mowers to the cream-of-the-crop riding lawnmowers (which can also plow snow, move dirt, and maybe even make your coffee!). This in itself is so useful that I would like this website just for the reviews alone.

However, the Lawnmower Judge site also offers tools that will help you make a decision about what type of lawnmower will best suit your specific needs. For example, the author offers a list of questions to ask yourself before buying a mower, some of which may have never occurred to you ask, like:

  • Do you hate the smell of gas? An electric mower might be right for you!
  • How do you feel about power cords? Consider a battery mower!
  • Is your lawn small enough that a reel-type push mower would work?
  • How much effort do you want to have to put into mowing?

Once you have decided what type of mower you want, there are reviews of many different models within each category. This is very useful for someone like me who relies on a lot of information before making a decision!

I haven’t yet decide which lawnmower I am going to buy. I haven’t finished reading all of the reviews yet! However, now that I have access to this website, I know it is going to play a huge part in my final decision!

Exercising over 40 – What is Your Best Option?

I remember the exact moment I realized my body started to fall apart. OK, that statement might be too harsh but at the of 30 I couldn’t do certain things I did back when I was 23, which is the age when we all feel invincible and we think it’s going to last forever. Well, guess what: it’s not. As you reach 40, you are going to have to accept the fact that your hair is starting to migrate from your scalp to your back, or that you’ve gradually lost the ability to break down dairy products. It’s even worse if you’re a bookworm, like me, which means you will put on a few (or not so few) excess pounds. While you can’t do anything to stop your hair from becoming gray, or losing it altogether, there is something you can do regarding your overall physical shape and health.

Seeing as I begin every kind of research by reading the appropriate literature, I’ve come across a book called “Exercising over 40 for Dummies“, by a small group of authors, which offers some useful and insightful information about, you’ve guessed, how people over the age 40 can get in shape and what exercises they should perform. You might think that there’s not much to it, you just go out there and jog or lift weights. You’d be wrong.

The thing is, if you are of certain age, you might be slightly overweight, which might put additional strain on your joints during exercise, so running is usually out of the question. Or your weight is fine, but your knees are not what they used to be, so traditional exercises might cause additional damage as opposed to helping you, which is why you might consider investing into exercise equipment such as an elliptical trainer, stationary bike or a rowing machine.
The book strongly recommends introducing exercise equipment into your over 40 workout regimes. It makes the case for helping to reduce strain on the body and to maintain interest. One type of machine they focus on is the elliptical trainer which is ideally suited to people of all ages and physical abilities. If like me you aren’t even sure what an elliptical trainer is, there are some great online resources – Elliptical Machine is one I used for an in-depth overview on ellipticals including reviews and general workout information.

What makes elliptical trainers and similar equipment ideal for people over the age of 40 is the fact that they provide you with a low-impact workout which reduces strain and stress on your joints, tendons, hips, and back. Also, they are excellent at simulating the natural motion of the human body during exercise. In addition to that, they offer a full body workout, instead of focusing on a single muscle group. You can still target specific muscles with an elliptical trainer, whether it’s your upper or lower body. If your primary concern is losing all of that excess weight, you can one of the pre-programmed exercise routines, which, couples with the data gathered by the heart rate monitor, inform you when you are in the fat-burning zone, which will help you achieve the desired results more quickly.

Of course, I’ve started this by recommending a book, which you should read by all means, because it offers some great tips, but now is the time to get off the couch and do something about it. The book certainly got my attention and did provide some useful tips and general information – probably best suited to absolute beginners. The biggest takeaway for me was an introduction to the elliptical trainer. I hadn’t even realized that these existed! If like me you are a bit behind the times with the latest fitness trends the book “Exercising over 40 for Dummies” could be a good read.

Left for Dead Review

Imagine being attacked while you are walking to work and minding your own business. This sounds like something from a movie, but unfortunately this happened to Samantha Barlow when she was on her way to work at the police department as an active police officer. Barlow was attacked randomly and was left for dead in the local park by her attackers, who had beaten her with a brick. This attack could never be understood by Barlow or her family members as she had no grudges or enemies.

Barlow suffered severe physical trauma as well as head trauma injuries. Her husband and children had to watch their mother fight for her life and try to fight through the therapy and counselling. This traumatic experienced lasted 22 months, where Barlow needed to learn to do many things all over again and start her life from scratch living with that death-defying experience in the back of her mind constantly.

Barlow went back to work and pushed herself to become the police officer that she was before the brutal attack. She decided that she did not want to lose everything because of some random attack, she wanted to prove to herself and the world that she could still be the officer that she was and had always been. Samantha pushed herself and made sure that she was not going to be a victim but rather a police officer like any other police officer.

Barlow had always wanted to be a police officer and believed that becoming a police officer was the best thing in the world. Not only were you giving back to your community but you are also making sure that the community is a better place for your children and family. Samantha did not know any other career besides the police force, and could not see herself working anywhere else. This proves that the police force is not a terrible career and that the policemen and women feel that they are all a family and have lots to offer each other.

The police force might be a difficult and tiring career but in the end you are part of the family and you know that you will be taken care of till the end. Samantha Barlow suffered severe post stress disorder but she was paid off as she was medically boarded, and she was still considered a member of the police academy. Samantha is welcome regularly at the police department and is considered a hero to many of the community members as well as the public.

The main point of this book review is not to show that Samantha Barlow was medically boarded, but to show that she pushed herself to go back to her police force and work for that amount of time because she loved her career so much that she could not stay away from it. She had another family with the police force and felt that she could not stay at home and abandon a career that she had decided on when she was six years old.

Late Night Reading

This last week my family was able to celebrate the birthday of my oldest son. Anyone with children (especially older kids) knows how hard it can be to go shopping for the perfect present. Luckily, this year it was actually very easy to choose a gift. My son is going through a phase right now where he is really into astronomy and staying up late staring into the night sky. I admit I’m the one who sparked it all by reading an interesting little book I came across in our garage entitled “NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe” by Terence Dickinson.

I had taken an “Intro to Astronomy” class in college and found the subject to be really interesting. I ended up purchasing “NightWatch,” as part of the course curriculum but I never got around to reading it. It had it sitting in my garage for at least 5 years, but coming across it again re-sparked my interest.

I must say that this text is very thorough and goes into great detail all about constellations, telescopes, and the history of sky watching. Usually books that are this comprehensive can be hard to get through for people who aren’t experts on the subject, but I found this to be a relatively easy read. It is definitely a book that will be enjoyable if it’s read in conjunction with some sort of star gazing activities, so as to apply the information that you are learning.

At the time I was going through this book we did not own a telescope, so my night activities began with pulling out some old binoculars. Pretty soon my oldest son decided that he was going to join me. As I would point out constellations and planets I would show him pictures from the book, and his interest in astronomy really took off. Pretty soon binoculars didn’t seem like enough.

Thankfully his birthday was coming along and we could justify spending a little money to help support his new fascination. He only wanted one present this year – a telescope. We were still pretty new to all of this astronomy stuff, but we did know a little bit about what to look for. We wanted a nice sturdy portable mount and a decent-sized aperture. We found an online buying guide for telescopes  that helped us compare scopes that were in our price range. After searching through the reviews and doing the comparison we were able to feel pretty confident in our choice.

To make a long story short, we decided to go with an Orion, and our kid couldn’t have been happier. There have been many late nights since, and this is a hobby that could potentially turn into more. It may be a little too early to tell, but we’re hoping that this passion persists as it has really helped our son to come out of his shell, and he seems to have a real knack for understanding this astronomy stuff. Either way, if nothing more it’s just another testament to how much influence just one good book can have!

Review of Free Bet Options

Are you looking for a complete guide on sports betting? Do you want to know which is the best bookmaker out there on the Internet? If your answer these questions in the yes, then you will definitely love

There are several websites that aim to provide betting advice to punters. However, only a few are able to help punters find free betting options. Some of the competition make false claims of providing free betting options to bettors. The result is that a lot of sports bettors end up losing money. understands this and only provide information about only those sportsbooks that provide free betting options to punters.  The website is a complete guide for UK punters.

With any website that claims to be a complete guide, you would expect a whole lot of detailed information. In this respect it doesn’t disappoint. Not only does it discuss free bet options with each bookmaker. It also provides a detailed history of sports betting in the UK, useful tips on how to place bets, where you can find free tips and also reviews some of products that claim to have winning strategies for successful punting.

Here, we are going to look what makes different from other websites that claim to be useful for sports betting.

What’s good about

The main essence of is that it contains all the information that sports bettor may find useful. At, you will not only find information that may help you in placing your bets but also find some of the best sportsbook where you can place your bets. If this is not enough, then at the website you can easily find some of the free bet sites where you don’t have to deposit any amount. The site has been designed exclusively for sports punters. You can find useful information in just few clicks. The site is user-friendly and you don’t have to wander here and there for information. It is one of the best sources to find sites that allow people to bet without putting any of their own money at risk.

What’s not in scores well in almost all the aspects. However, it could have been better if offered a regular tipping service for a range of sports. Punters are always looking for good sources of tips. More of this would have been useful. Perhaps feeds to the latest sporting results would be useful as well.


If you are looking for a one-stop-solution for all your betting needs, then is best for you. The site has everything for everyone who wants something for nothing. The site provides free bets from UK’s leading corporate bookmakers and free sports and racing tips that helps sports bettors to make a lot of cash.

If you are looking to place bets without risking any money, then you will not find any better source than freebetoptions. It is not only good source to find the best sportsbooks but also a wonderful resource that helps bettors to increase their knowledge about sports betting.

5 Tips On Coming Up With Blogging Ideas

As a blogger you have to constantly come up with new and great blog post ideas. Every once in a while most people hit a true writers block when they’re trying to create the next great blog post. I’m sure you already know that this is a very frustrating process when it comes to generating content. Man does it suck when you stick yourself in a room for hours and have nothing but an empty page to show for it. I’m going to share with you some of the ways that I’ve gotten over my own personal obstacles when this happens to me.

There are many ways to do this and I’m sure every veteran blogger or writer has their own method. This is just the method to my madness so if you don’t agree with me, don’t shoot.

Method 1: Google News – I like to skim through the Google news feed and get a feel for what is currently going on in real time. This is a great way to get on the front end of trends or trending events

Method 2: Subscribe To Blogs In Your Niche – I really like keeping up with what my competition is doing as well as getting ideas that are directly related to my niche. Getting other bloggers’ latest posts allows me to “keep my ear to the ground” in my industry. I also can piggy back off of my competitions’ best and most trafficked posts. You can even setup some filters within your email account as well. You can have these particular emails automatically sorted into a folder for easy consumption.

Method 3: Smoke Some Marijuana and Write – Although this is an unorthodox methodology, it certainly works wonders for me. Basically when all else fails, smoke a bowl and write down whatever comes to mind. Now a word of disclaimer, a lot of the crap is going to be exactly that…crap. But there will be gold in that brain of yours, there always is. Make sure to just keep writing. I’ve gotten some of the best blog posts I’ve ever written through this process. I’ve use table top vaporizers at home and smaller portable vape pens when I’m at coffee shops so I minimize any real harm to my body.

Method 4: Grab your latest magazines – There are a ton of articles within any given magazine and it’s a great way to stir up some ideas. Successful magazine article writers do very well for themselves and to be honest, they’re some of the best copywriters in the world in my opinion. Go and check out an magazine stand near you and you’ll see what I’m talking about. These professional writers have just a few seconds to get you to pick up their magazine and buy. That’s a tall order and these guys deliver.

There you have it, my top methods of blog writing idea generation. These are just a few of the many ways that I personally come up with unique writing and blogging ideas. I know this won’t work for all of you but it should help get the creative juices flowing.

Under the flashlight: reading like a child

I am extremely grateful that I’ve had more free time than usual lately, because it gave me the chance of reading a lot, which, as you know, is so much harder when you have your work, house and family to think about all day.

I had a bit of a nostalgic moment in which I remembered how reading was light when I was a child. I really loved it – well, I obviously still do – and I literally spent hours past my bedtime reading under the covers with my flashlight on.

I’m pretty sure my parents knew about it, I probably wasn’t that subtle at all, and I usually spent half of the next day yawning, but they never stopped me. There was something truly magical in staying up late to see how the current book ended.

I have felt the need to recreate that feeling, lately. You know, I could just keep the lights on and read comfortably at two a.m., but where’s the fun in that? I was doing what I love best, book shopping, and I found something in my local bookshop that made my eyes light with joy.

And that’s how I ended up with a reading headlight that is now sitting on my bedside table. It’s actually pretty awesome, and quite a long way from the weak flashlight I used when I was nine years old. First of all, it’s LED-driven, which means that it’s virtually infinite and much brighter than a normal one. What’s even better, you have your hands free and turning pages is much easier.

At the bookshop there were even some reading glasses with a flashlight incorporated – but they didn’t appeal that much to me, to be honest.

Still, now I am spending most nights in my bed, under the covers, feeling like a child again, and it’s very nice.

Since I was thinking about my childhood and being all nostalgic (and I had spent most of my book-dedicated budget for the month already), I went through my library and chose some of my favourite books from when I was little.

I started reading some of them again and I found amazing how you can read the same pages in a completely different way if you are a few years older. For example, I found philosophic and religious references, unexpected quotes, hidden meanings. I believe these types of books are the best – the ones built on many levels, that are as enjoyable at nine years old as they are at thirty, because you find different meanings in them.

Would you like to know some titles? I reread “Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates” by Mary Maped Dodge, “Little Women” by Louise May Alcott, and “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S.Lewis.

Now I’m starting “The Prince and the Pauper” by Mark Twain all over again… let me tell you: this is something everyone should do every once in a while. Take the dust off those old volumes and read them again. You’ll find out that the story may be the same, but the meaning behind it will be so much greater than you remember.

You might also find some of those boring books your high-school teacher forced you to read when you were a teenager beautiful!